The Essence of Luxury

President Tourbillon

Anniversary Limited Edition

President Tourbillon is the very essence of luxury,
a prestigious watch chosen by many of the world’s elite!
Richlux President Tourbillon exemplifies the round form in
watch making with grace and character.

The collection perfectly pitches classical design,
featuring a case with clean and crisp lines, elegant
18K gold bezel with VS diamonds, and a 18K gold crown.
Further, the butterfly buckle is made of, 18K gold and
the dial set embellished with seven diamonds.
President Tourbillon collection also has tungsten
and diamond bezels available.

Richlux Tourbillon watches went through rigorous testing to ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability. Its production machinery and materials are in line with Swiss luxury brands. All Richlux Tourbillon watches have passed the 36 hours walking tests, which ensure the quality and smooth operation of the movements. All tourbillion movements traverse 4 Hz (28,800 times) to ensure accurate walking characteristics.

The special characteristics of Tourbillon can counteract the effects of gravity. The watch is available in black and brown alligator leather strips.

Tourbillon Personalisation

Personalized Tourbillon

Personalization Service is available for our tourbillon watches.
You can send us either a name, phrase or date (in a range of different languages) or a symbol or design on your creation.
We will print it on the watch dial as your unique logo.

This is such a romantic way to show your love to your most beloved.