The Brand Story

Switzerland – Kingdom of Watchmaking

Most well known watch makers started from Switzerland, so did Richlux.
After the millennium, Richlux started its brand working closely
with the Swiss company ROSA Co.Ltd.

Every collection of Richlux is handmade to perfection,
which is why watch engineers are the most important assets of Richlux.

Each engineer of Richlux has perfected his art through rigorous
handcraft and experience. Therefore, every collection of Richlux
is not only a product of perfection, but also a unique piece of art.

It is this ongoing passion that drives Richlux forward
in watchmaking and craft.


Perseverance does not come from reward or satisfaction, but rather is inherent in every man who possesses an inner desire for perfection. Our inner drive is often the product of customs and personality, which evolves over time.

Passion is revived and reinvigorated over and over again,
just like the innovation of technology. The technology of making quartz watches have improved dramatically over the years, while traditional mechanical watchmaking strives in gracefulness and renovation in style and design.

Richlux watches are designed for those who pursue perfection and innovation in life. Our ideals for style and uniqueness inspired the creation of the 'Personalized Watch' for gifting
the one and only timepiece to your loved ones.

Our Values

Design and Innovation

Richlux is classic and traditional by design. Every detail of the timepiece is crafted with passion and dedication. The face of Richlux watches exhibits gracefulness with detailed patterns of design.

The crown of the watch is lavishly decorated and radiant with style.
Richlux continues to invest in innovative design and technology
in order to expand in creativeness and achieve perfection.

Superb Quality

Each Richlux watch is created by relentless craftsmanship and attention to details.
The movements are tested and monitored for a long duration of time to ensure accuracy
and quality. Richlux watches are dominated by Swiss made movements. Since inception,
Richlux has partnered with Swiss company ROSA Co.Ltd to use DAMAS movements,
which are widely used by various luxury watch makers to ensure quality of their watches.